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Reward offered in connection with case of tortured cats

Alley Cat Allies offers $5000 cash reward to help bring justice to tortured cats.
Alley Cat Allies offers $5000 cash reward to help bring justice to tortured cats.
Alley Cat Allies

It’s an endless battle against animal cruelty, and Alley Cat Allies steps in once again to help. The organization has offered a cash reward of $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the recent deaths and disappearances of up to 30 cats in Martinsville, Indiana.

Cats have been found dead in the neighborhood near Home Avenue and South Street. According to FOX59, the injuries found on the cats are gruesome, ranging from bashed in skulls to a broken leg. Animal advocates tell FOX59 they cannot be silent about this kind of abuse. The humane society alerted police and detectives started investigating and talking to people who live along South Drive.

“They believed as many as 30 cats have been involved,” said Alicia Fouty, TNR Coordinator at Morgan County Humane Society.

Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, had this to say in her recent press release:

“This is a disturbing and horrific case of animal cruelty, and we need to find whomever is responsible. Intentionally killing a cat - pet, stray or feral - is against the law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We are hopeful that authorities will take this seriously, and we offer our full support throughout the investigation.”

The Morgan County Humane Society has an active Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, and authorities say the majority of the cats that have been killed or disappeared were stray or outdoor cats.

Alice Fouty also said many residents feed and care for the cats. The Humane Society helps by getting the cats spayed or neutered and vaccinated. The cats are then returned to the location where they were trapped. Over 500 cats have gone through their TNR program so far.

Trap-Neuter-Return is an established, mainstream program designed to care for community cats and to keep them out of shelters. Alley Cat Allies reports that over 430 cities and counties endorse TNR as policy for community cats, and nationally, there are over 600 nonprofits with TNR programs for the care of stray and feral cats. Millions of people care for outdoor cats daily.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact crime stoppers at (317) 262–TIPS (8477).

Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats. Learn more on at

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