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Reward of a Hundred Grand offered for carjackers that killed three children

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The Philadelphia Police Dept. announced a reward of at least $100,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the two carjackers that ran over a group of people at Germantown and Allegheny the city, killing three children ans seriously injuring two more. The three dead are siblings who were at the location selling fruit with their mother, hoping to raise money for their church. This happened today, July 25, 2014.

The incident happened when the owner of the car, who is a real estate agent finished showing a house near 6th and Cumberland Sts. That is when two males jumped into her SUV and forced her to drive at gunpoint. She was not driving fast enough for them,so one of them forced her into the backseat and he took over the driving. Less than a mile later, the vehicle had a blow out and lost control, crashing into the fruit stand, before going across a vacant lot, and slamming into a tree. The woman who's car it is also suffered serious injuries. The two thieves fled on foot.

The identities of the dead have not yet been released due to notification of next of kin not being completed. Police are doing a thorough investigation and have video secured and are looking for more. Anyone that may have video near the scene is urged to contact police. They want to see where they ran to or any other identifying features. This story is gaining international attention.

With the reward money expected to go past $100 grand, any friends these two might have will be former friends when they get a taste for the reward money. Couple that with the fact that if they get caught helping them to escape custody or sheltering them, they will be jailed for decades. It's a very strong incentive to turn in your best friend or acquaintance.

The two will be lucky to spend the rest of their lives in State Prison upon conviction. Even though they did not intend to kill the children, the fact remains that three children have died as a direct result of the actions from these two. You can bet the District Attorney will putt heir best prosecutors on this case to insure nothing escapes through a legal loophole. If you want to submit a tip click that link. You do not have to give your name.