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Revving up your metabolism...part 2 of 2

Katrina Curry

In the previous article, it was said that in order to train your body to use fuel—food—in its most capable capacity, you eat every two to three hours during the day. You might have been wondering how you can do that when you barely have time to yourself. Training your body at first is actually slightly daunting; you really will have food on your mind ALL day long, and, it’s a lot of work at first. However, after the first week has passed, it will come naturally to you and you won’t have to fret over what time it is, is it past your two hour mark? Your body will actually start to tell you it’s time on its own; you’ll be hungry!

Okay, in order to start this initial process, it is extremely important to start right away from the moment you first wake up. Not an hour after you wake up, or even a half hour, I mean right away! If you wake up at 6:00am, eat by 6:15am; before the shower, before the kids. That doesn’t mean to let them sleep in or anything, just have half an English muffin in your hand while you’re waking the kids up.

Next, depending on how long your day is, will depend on the hour spans between meals. What does this mean? If you wake up at 4:00am but you don’t go back to bed until 11:00pm, eating every two hours isn’t exactly conducive for you. You’ll want to eat every 3-3 ½ hours. If you wake up at 6:30am and got to bed by 9:00pm, eat every two hours. If you’re up for 24 hours a day, eat every four hours. This way, it’s possible to stick with it without breaking the bank. Don’t fret about eating so much either; when you follow this meal pattern, you aren’t eating big meals every single time, you’ll be snacking all day which will essentially equal what you most likely eat now, just in smaller quantities.

How much do you eat each time? Great question since this is the most important part to keeping the calories down to where you’re body needs them. Here’s the thing, there is a ton of media right now on portion sizes. Yes, they have changed over the past 3 decades to where we have no idea what the correct portion size is anymore. Instead of trying to follow that one serving of cheese is the size of a dice, or one serving of protein is the size of a deck of cards, remember this instead; whenever you eat throughout the day “Never eat more than a fist of food”. That means, when you make one single fist, your food should not be bigger than that. All day long, every single day, because this includes your lunch, dinner, everything you eat. You are really snacking all day, so you won’t have a big meal at dinner anymore. You won’t ever be full but you also won’t be hungry. At first this may be difficult, so drink a big glass of water before you eat, this will help you feel fuller.

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