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Revolutionary Sunscreen Bands are must haves for summer sun protection

Summer is just around the corner and that means time in the sun for families heading to the beach, pool or park. And while we don’t want to rain on the parade of sun lovers, we do need to remind everyone to practice safe sun by covering your skin with sunscreens. And just in time for the season, there’s a new easy way to protect adults and children from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s called Sunscreen Bands and it just hit the shelves.

Bands alert you when you need to apply more sunscreen

The wristbands are suitable for all ages and detect UVA and UVB exposure and change color to indicate when it's time to reapply sunscreen and seek shade. Sunscreen is directly applied to the bands and the skin. The bands start off beige and transitions to dark purple when activated by direct sunlight, and then turns light purple (lavender) to remind users it's time to reapply sunscreen. When the band turns cream (or light yellow), you know you have reached the maximum sun exposure for the day based on the SPF in their sunscreen.

The bands are nontoxic and work with all sun protection products with SPF of 15 or higher. You can wear them anywhere. "Skin cancer is on the rise and as a father, I'm always concerned about my children getting too much sun," said Andrew Levine, CEO of JADS. "Sunscreen bands take the guess work out of determining when to reapply sunscreen and when to head indoors or under an umbrella. Sunscreen application isn't particularly fun for kids or adults, but my kids enjoy watching the bands change color. They even tell me when I need to reapply."

Sunscreen Bands™, the creation of JADS International, come in packs of 10 and are available CVS, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond and at To read the endorsement from the National Parenting Center, click here:

JADS is a worldwide health and beauty and fragrance company known for fragrance collections such as Star Trek (TiberiusCologne for Men, Pon Farr Perfume for Her, Red Shirt Cologne, Shirtless Kirk Cologne and Sulu Pour Homme),Star Wars (Slave Leia Perfume, Eau Lando Cologne), Marvel (The Avengers, Spiderman Cologne and Deadpool Cologne) and Stan Lee's Signature Cologne. For more information, visit

Watch the video for more about how to practice safe sunning.

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