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Revolutionary rule #1 - Changing our world begins with changing ourselves

Real revolution begins inside of me
Real revolution begins inside of me
Diane Thomas

We are all aware that our nation and other nations of the world are not functioning very effectively or efficiently. Our government leaders try their best to put us back together and get us back up on the wall, but most of the interventions and “new” strategies are superficial, dealing with the symptoms rather than the causes. We endeavor to make our lives more comfortable in our intensive care condition, instead of heading into the operating room to cut out the cancer and begin the long journey of rehabilitation to complete health.

As promised, we will continue to look deeply at the causes, complexities, and cures of our present American and worldwide economic anemia and underemployment epidemic. In the end, nothing short of social and economic revolution will turn us around and bring us home to health. People are confused, and even the experts can’t agree or fully comprehend ‘what happened’ to cause the crises or how to change our circumstances. In the past few years, most of the economic landscape has changed and many of the giants of the financial world have collapsed and disappeared from civilization as we know it. We are facing senseless wars and increasing hatred fueled by misplaced religious, political, and racial passions. When we look at the mess of the world broadcasted into our homes each day, we can become overwhelmed. How can we change our world? Who will change our world?

We must begin with a vital principle that no one seems to be talking about. “The whole of anything is only as healthy as the sum of its parts”. Real change in our world comes from sociological change and society changes when we as individuals change. When our nation is full of healthy and mature people, our nation will be healthy. When our world is full of healthy and mature people, our world will become healthy. This undestanding brings us to what I call Revolutionary Rule #1 - To change our world we need to change ourselves. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change ourselves, and when enough of us change and become healthy and mature, we will make enough of an impact on our world to make a difference. If healthy people led our governments, our businesses, and our international relationships and trade, everything would look and actually be different. So, let’s get busy changing ourselves. Let’s begin to focus on what’s wrong with us as individuals, not just with our world, and let's all work to grow in personal health and maturity. When enough of us do that, the rest will follow.

So, what does a healthy and mature person look like? Over the next few weeks, we will look at eight areas of our lives that are in desperate need of repair and regeneration. Prepare to be shocked by a clear unveiling of the sad state of our personal lives that is causing the sorry state of our union. We will look at eight areas of our personal lives and at sociological trends in our nation in each of these eight areas. Then, together, we will work towards a personal revolution in our lives that will flow out into our nation and to the rest of the world. It’s the only way to change our world. The revolution that is needed must begin with me and it must begin with you. It begins inside of our hearts, souls and minds, affects our bodies, improves our relationships, careers and finances, and makes us better people driven by healthy values and led by positive purpose. These kinds of changes in our lives make us better people, and the when the world is filled with better people, it will become a better place to live. Let’s begin the process today!

Each one of our lives can be dissected into eight areas:

- Physical

- Intellectual

- Emotional

- Spiritual

- Relational

- Vocational

- Financial

- Global (life mission/purpose, values, vision and strategy that globally affects every other area of our lives).

Are you ready for a personal revolution? It won’t be easy and it’s sure to hurt. Remember, where there’s no pain, there is little gain. For this difficult journey, we need to take on this important mindset that I learned in a gym in Russia, “Go hard or go home.” Find a life work-out partner to help keep you motivated and accountable, and let’s all work together to change our lives and then change our world. The so called "Tea Party" must begin with a "Me Party".


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