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Revolutionary new Neotensil is like a jock strap for bulging eyelids

Respected Beverly Hills Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Clinical Instructor, Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA, says Neotensil seems like a “jock strap” for bulging eyelids. While, like this writer, he is just learning about the process he checked it out on line (as we did). One of the most informed in the field, Dr. Kotler is a guru of nose jobs (Kotler Nasal Airway) and a chemical peel specialist.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi raves about Neotensil
Courtesy of and permission to use by Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi

For men and women who want younger looking eyes, Neotensil, a product of Living Proof Skincare, could be just what the doctor ordered. It sounds like an ideal non-invasive option according to Washington, D.C. dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi who has extensive experience with the treatment.

According to Living Proof, the cutting-edge eyelid-saver works like an invisible shapewear™ film that reshapes and transforms the appearance of eye bags and lax skin underneath the eyes, within one to three hours. It is exclusively available from select medical professionals.

The procedure is designed to improve the look of tired, puffy eyes without going under the knife. “It’s a breathable, flexible mask that is put on in the morning and tightens the undereye bags all day. It’s like ‘spanx’ for your eyes and is now commercially available through the dermatologist’s office.” says Dr. Tanzi. While not yet tested by this writer, Neotensil is believed to deliver instant youthful-looking eyes . We are researching it in Los Angeles to find a doctor who does it here.

Dr. Tanzi ‘s 411 on Neotensil

  • It’s an advanced polymer created by scientists from Harvard and MIT that literally shrinks down and becomes one with the skin within an hour.
  • It is gentle enough to use every day.
  • Results can be seen within an hour.
  • It’s best for patients with undereye bags and circles, but I also like it to hydrate very parched lower eyelids too.
  • It’s the first tightening mask of its kind and is revolutionary because it allows oxygen to penetrate, while hydrating the eye area and depuffing bags.
  • The procedure is only available in the doctors office and costs $500 for a two to three month supply.
  • Results not cumulative, but they are dramatic and occur immediately within an hour of applying Neotensil.

Of course there are other options available for taking the bulge out of eyelids and we found one for you in the attached video. Enjoy and stay forever young.

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