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Sean Combs discusses REVOLT TV at Ad:Tech San Francisco
Sean Combs discusses REVOLT TV at Ad:Tech San Francisco
Anni Yang

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was the guest and final speaker for Ad:Tech San Francisco 2014. He shared information about his new music television channel called, “Revolt” alongside a moderator followed by a brief Q and A at the end with the audience. Mr. Combs explained his take about the change of the music revolution has taken off with the mixing of all genres into one, especially with the summer festivals in the United States (and all over the world) where all different types of music are combined over the course of several days.

Mr. Combs is a businessman and father who has noticed the evolving music entertainment industry and how it all affects persons who are of the same ages between his eldest child to the younger. Regarding the young people who solely know music much differently than what he was raised on, his vision for what is changing has been his drive to actively maintain his profession in the music industry for over two decades.

With MTV no longer playing music videos and only showing mostly annoying reality television shows where high school dropout teenage girls are having babies and/or beating their boyfriends since they have nothing better to do all while they continue to be reckless, it is very obvious that the once cable channel no longer shows actual music videos where youths can relate to wherever they may be in the world. Music videos, where musicians are able to tell a story of their songs, are not shown on the once popular channel. For the most, all musicians use internet websites such as YouTube to show their latest and greatest music videos to the masses when they wish to view them. With a channel such as Revolt, people are able to see the return, not just of music videos, but the live feeds from music festivals that are happening, mostly during the late spring through the early autumn season. Young people especially, are able to physically and personally engage in the music they are surrounding themselves with which is a matter that has gone away and has returned full force.

During the Q and A at Ad:Tech, the matter was addressed with regard of the return of heavy metal to the mainstream to which Mr. Combs expressed embracing that genre of music with open arms. For the time being, Revolt features a mix of contemporary pop music with rap/hip-hop, (renowned) punk, and EDM (electronic dance music). Heavy metal is coming soon to the cable channel.

In the end, Mr. Combs informed the audience that his company is hiring and that he wants more people to get the word out about Revolt and how it is changing the music industry.