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Revolt TV host Sharon Carpenter interprets life through art

Revolt TV host Sharon Carpenter interprets life through art-slide0
Sharon Carpenter

Broadcast journalist and Revolt TV host, Sharon Carpenter welcomes us into her pre war coop apartment, nestled on a tree lined street in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn to view her most prized piece of art. Her neighborhood is filled with historic style homes such as, 19th century carriage houses and landmark brownstones.

If we were to describe her apartment in two words it would be, classic and traditional. Sharon says, "The charm to it is that kind of reminds me of the centuries old homes in England where I'm from." We asked the beautiful host if she could pick her most favorite room in her home and tell us why? Sharon choose her boudoir where her "Game Over" painting hangs in the very room she describes as her "personal sanctuary and escape," the place where she can relax and unwind after a hectic day in television.

Inside the apartment, there are hardwood floors that compliment the neutral tones of browns, beiges, and blacks throughout with white walls, inviting the natural light. Her most prized possession is the colorful Pac-Man painting by Ronnie Rob and is located in a minimalistic and simple styled bedroom that has a combination of earth tone hues in dark and white wood. The colors compliment the painting hanging on the red velvet accent wall facing south, away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. She's added chic drapery that dresses the windows and the remaining bedroom walls are white, giving the room a warm and comfortable feel.

Image waking up every morning and looking at Pac-Man jumping up with his hist in the air! It's the very thing that inspires Sharon, reminding her of a movie that unveils new and motivational clues to unravel. The art work is rich with color and is often a conversation piece and main topic when entertaining close friends. "It's always interesting to hear from friends their thoughts on how they interpret it. Like every great piece of art, everyone sees something slightly different," says Sharon.
Sharon credits the artist whom she discovered was new at his craft and had only been painting since November 2013. Ronnie Rob fills us in on how he created the character first and said, "I chose Pac-Man because of the character traits that are affiliated with him. I wanted to convey life in comparison to a game, the ups and downs and obstacles we face and our need to be strategic in order to win. The color scheme was inspired by finding contrasting and complimentary hues to express the different complexities we encounter in this game called life."

You can watch Sharon on Revolt TV daily and follow both @SharonCarpenter and @RonnieRobny on social media.

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