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ReVolt and Get Your Power Back!

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Thomas Hoops has created a real, affordable, battery recovery, maintenance and extension system for consumers and small businesses.ReVolt3000 is specifically intended to be a small business or consumer level device to revive dead batteries. And, extend the life of expensive lead-acid type rechargeable batteries typically used in larger applications from scooters to solar arrays but focusing on usual car, truck, boat, RV and aircraft like batteries. It also has the ability to revive and extend the life of other types of batteries as well such as Gel-cell, NiCad, NiMH and others.

Hoops says "I wanted something very utilitarian, durable and serious. I've always appreciated the seriousness of a black steel box. I wanted all my safety components to be resettable and externally accessible. I wanted maximum cooling and very simple operating panel. And thus, in November of 2013 the first ReVolt3000 unit was built and sold to an aircraft repair business which continues to use the unit today."

Perks include PDF books and Revolts of your own!