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Revocharge: Magnetic power packs for your iPhone or Androids

What is Revocharge Wireless Charging?

Revocharge is a patent-pending most advanced wireless charging smartphone case customized to fit iPhone and Androids, utilizing conductive charging technology that results in faster and more efficient syncing and charging. Without the use of cords, the Revocharge is designed to make you and your phone truly mobile. It's exciting because they are almost to their goal.

It has also achieved MFI (made for iPhone) licensing, affirming it is in compliance with Apple’s strict guidelines for product releases.

• Revocharge uses conductive charging meaning your phone will charge like it’s plugged in wall outlet.
• Autosense technology making it capable of optimally charging various devices from iPhones to Androids. Automatically adjusts to a devices need for optimum charging.
• The battery can then be removed, recharged, and replaced, providing users a constant flow of energy without having to carry cables or cords.
• It features earth magnets, providing a powerful, yet easy to adjust, hold from case to mount.
• The Revocharge battery simply snaps onto the back of the case, providing enough power for a full charge.
• Replaces all your charging cables and worry of loosing them.

Revocharge was designed to keep you on the go. The system also includes a car mount and desktop charging system to keep your phone charged wherever you go. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign, offering early backers the wireless charge case, magnetic battery and Micro USB charge/sync cable for $39.

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