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Revlon's Parfumerie: Scented nail polish isn't just for kids

Scented nail polish comes in a variety of vibrant colors
Scented nail polish comes in a variety of vibrant colors
Photo: mbtrama via Flickr

Remember painting your nails as a kid? Wasn’t it fun to cover your fingers with globs of peel-off polish that smelled like cupcakes or blueberries?

Well, it turns out scented nails aren't just for children.

Revlon’s Parfumerie collection offers a mature take on scented polish, with fragrances and colors ranging from Chocolate Truffle to African Tea Rose. When wet, Revlon's parfums smell just like regular nail polish, but when dry they give off a light scent.

The perfume fades fairly quickly (after about a day or two), but the polish itself is long-lasting and comes in a variety of metallic, fruity, or floral shades.

So check out Revlon's novel idea (Dior, Calvin Klein, and a few others have done scented polish for adults before, but Revlon seems to be the only big name currently on the market) and coat your nails in colorful, sweet-smelling perfume this spring.

Or, if you're looking to bypass the glamor and go straight for childhood nostalgia, you could head over to Claire's and give their strawberry scented polish a try.

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