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Reviving Your Skin After A Day In The Sun

Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach
Website: FreeImages Photographer: EsperanzaE

You enjoyed a day at the beach, gardening, or playing with the kids. It was a day in which you made memories. Now that the day is over it is time to treat your skin and help it recover from the extra sun exposure. Yes, the best way to do this is to treat yourself to a day at the spa. Then your mind, soul, and skin can be pampered. But not all of us can afford this luxury. Yet, most of us can do the following:

Apply Cooling Compresses To Any Sunburn Skin

If you see any redness on your skin, immediately apply cool compresses to the area. The compresses will feel good. You can also apply green tea or aloe-vera to the areas. These are known natural anti-inflammatories that will help ease the pain, prevent swelling, and help keep the skin from peeling.

Drink Extra Water

Water is the ideal way to hydrate our bodies and our skin. Hydration is the key to adding moisture to our skin and sun is known for pulling moisture out of our skin.

Moisturize The Skin

A good moisturizer to use after a day in the sun is one that contains calming ingredients such as chamomile, oatmeal and aloe vera. You may wish to use one that states that is for use for after the sun activities.

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