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Reviving date night


Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

A reader recently asked "How do I get my boyfriend to take me on a date?"

When relationships become comfortable, what qualifies as a "date" often changes.  Getting something to eat means going grocery shopping.  Spending time outside usually involves some form of yard work.  Seeing a movie often involves doing laundry at the same time.

No single person is to blame for this.  Couples often run out of dating ideas, or dating seems to be so expensive that getting practical matters done while spending time together seems to be more economical.  Dating is not easy, it takes a bit of planning.  We are fortunate here in the Twin Cities metro area in that there is always something to do, and often times it is very inexpensive, or even free.

For example, today is Thursday, and Thursday nights are FREE at The Walker Art Center thanks to Target. From 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. gallery admission is free.  There are also free tours, films and lectures.  Stay tuned for more deals and events.

So if you are getting ready to leave work on a Thursday, and you'd like your significant other to take you on a date, maybe you should mention this piece of information.  If it is a beautiful day, the sculpture garden is free every day!  Get outside without the lawnmower, see some art.  If your water bottle runs dry and you are willing to spend a little money, you can visit the 2021 bar for a drink right there at the Walker.

For more info:

Walker Art Center | 1750 Hennepin Ave. | Minneapolis, MN 55403 | 612-375-7600

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