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Revive Dental in Marriottsville welcomes new patients for comprehensive care

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Revive Dental owner Dr. Hazel Denise Glasper, DDS, once considered a career in Pediatrics, but after consulting with a good friend, decided to explore dentistry.

“I graduated from dental school and I realized that I really saw a niche in dentistry for me, which is, comprehensively treating the patient,” she explained.

Comprehensive care dentistry looks at a patient’s overall health and treats the whole person instead of traditional dentistry which focuses mainly on treating the teeth and gums.

When Dr. Glasper and her partner Periodontal Surgeon Dr. Robert Bouffard, DDS meet with a patient, it normally requires an hour and a half consultation.

“You have to one, do a thorough evaluation of their medical history, and that involves getting in contact with their physician to go over any medical condition such as heart problems, diabetes or any issues that could effect dental treatment,” says Glasper.

Various x-rays are taken of individual teeth, of the bone and sinuses. In addition, a clinical exam is done to review the heart and soft tissue, along with an oral cancer examination, using digital photography, before a treatment plan is designed.

“Sometimes the patient has to come back for additional information to be gathered, and then we can sit down,” Glasper continues. “Dr. Bouffard and I come up with the proper treatment plan for the patient after we’ve reviewed all the information gathered.

Revive Dental is located in Marriottsville, MD.

For more information and to make an appointment, visit the Revive Dental website and listen to our recent Revive Dental Partners in Health radio interview. Upcoming health and wellness events are available on the Partners in Health website.