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Revitalizing Your Social Media Marketing Platforms

What's Your Ideal Social Network?
What's Your Ideal Social Network?
Anne Helmond

As we all know, Facebook’s EdgeRank is irritating small and large sized businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and social media marketers. Many online marketers are now looking for different outlets to market their services and or products.

The question is what other social networks would work best for your business?
If they work for your business model, then do they bring consistent traffic and create engagement?
I’m new to marketing my business online and I really don’t know what social network to choose; I need help!

Here are the five best platforms that are either established as great marketing platforms, or ones that are climbing the ranks.


Do you have a product or service that you know you can market visually? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck. Instagram is consistently getting substantially bigger and you can see that a younger demographic is flocking over to it more and more these days. It’s a perfect marketing platform that many big companies (Starbucks, Nike, Victoria Secret to name a few) are taking advantage of. You should be the next one taking advantage of it.


Are you a business that markets your products or services to other businesses? If your answer is a yes, then your obvious marketing platform should be LinkedIn. It’s the most effective platform online for marketing your business to other businesses, so definitely create an account and see what success you can get from it. Need some guidance? Check out this:


Blogging has continually been the forefront of a online marketer’s strategy when it comes to showcasing products and services. If you haven’t started a blog yet, please head to WordPress and just start writing. Once you get comfortable with your content creation, create a posting schedule that will help you stay consistent. This will pay-off down the road when you have many readers who love your content.

Video Creation:

Derek Halpern built Social Triggers from “just another website” to a website that attains over 100 000 views a month. How did he do this in less than three years? For starters, over 80% of his content is visual. His strategy is to take business-psychology case studies, explore them, dissect them and then share them. Doing so, he’s gained a large fan base and has branded himself as the one to go to when it comes to psychology of selling and business.


Starting his podcast in August of 2012, Michael Stelzner of the biggest social media marketing blog (Social Media Examiner) has attained a substantial following from the podcast alone. Currently, Michael Stelzner has 221,542 Likes on Facebook as well as over 250,000 website visits a month. Where does he give credit? To his podcast. Podcasting is a massive portion of learners (readers, visualizers, and listeners) and even just podcasting as minimal as once a month can generate lots of traffic and brand recognition.

What online platform are you going implement in the year of 2014?
Are you going to stick with Facebook’s demise or are you going to search for alternatives - alternatives that are even more suited to your business model?

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