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Yellow flags fly in Alabama
Yellow flags fly in Alabama
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When the LSU Tigers travel to the state of Alabama this week to take on the Auburn Tigers, the popular opinion is that they will be taking on more than just the Auburn Tigers.

There are many conspiracy theorists who believe when either Auburn or Alabama has a shot at the SEC and National Title, there’s more than just some home-cooking that goes in favor of the home team. Is it a conspiracy? You make the call.

See video on the left. There's more like that too...

Whether LSU likes it or not, there are going to be calls that go in favor of the home team. It happens all the time. Teams have to be resilient and overcome such obstacles. But when there is blatant disrespect for the game and for both teams on the field, somebody needs to be held accountable. Whether it’s the officials or the SEC front office something must be done. Until that happens, LSU will travel to Alabama once again to decide their fate in the SEC West.

Let’s just hope its LSU deciding their own fate.


  • Displaced Tger Fan 4 years ago

    Interesting points you bring up> Nobody can deny the crazy calls that seem to go certain teams way (LSU included). This weekend is very easy to predict. Anyone that has followed SEC football for any length of time knows that Auburn will get some very crazy calls go there way. I predict LSU will overcome and beat the officials as well.

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