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Revis surprise deal with Patriots headlines day 2 of NFL free agency

The NFL free agent season got off to a blazing start on March 11. Day two on March 12 was less busy, as it couldn't quite top a day one where Jonathan Martin was traded, DeMarcus Ware was released and the Denver Broncos got two new defensive stars. But it was the New England Patriots' turn to shore up their defense a day later, as former rival Darrelle Revis took a mere one-year deal to go back to the AFC East.

Darrelle Revis: Revis returns to AFC East with former rival Patriots for one year deal.
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images
Revis goes from Jets to Bucs to Patriots with new 1-year deal
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Revis used to torment the Patriots twice a year with the New York Jets, until he was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013. But after just one season, the Buccaneers had to take Revis off the books, releasing him as soon as free agency started. It only took a day for the Patriots to snatch him up, on a one-year deal worth $12 million.

Given Revis's past contract disputes with the Jets, taking this small, short-term contract is a change of pace. Still, considering the Patriots' reluctance to give out massive contracts -- even to their own stars who aren't Tom Brady -- and how they are still a Super Bowl contender, it may have been a necessary sacrifice for Revis.

It was necessary for the Patriots after they lost cornerback Aqib Talib to the Broncos on March 11. After Denver snatched up Talib and T.J. Ward once free agency began, and even picked up DeMarcus Ware to go along with it on March 12, New England needed to make a splash of its own.

The Broncos are clearly trying to bulk up a defense that utterly collapsed in the Super Bowl, while the Patriots have to improve a defense that the Broncos shredded in the AFC championship game. Denver and New England are far better known for their offenses, but their new look defenses are the big stories in this early free agent period.

Nevertheless, there were other notable deals, moves and cuts made during the day as well -- with one signing even getting voided due to a failed physical. The accompanying slideshow lists the major developments during day two of the NFL free agent season.

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