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Reviews of photography in movies

This is something I have done off and on with Studio 1 Magazine since 2012. The idea of the mirrorless cameras, CGI and shooting with green screens are part of the major entertainment studios they are now making their way into normal studios. There are many studios now with amazing background capabilities that involve shooting portraits with blue or green screens and adding CGI images to the background. You can make someone look like they are in Rome while they are sitting in a studio somewhere in Kansas and you can do simple projection backgrounds to add to your workflow. The world is changing.

I did review Heaven is Real and Godzilla. The images in Heaven is Real are pretty much standard cinematography with a few minor CGI scenes. Good movie but do not expect major special effects. My review is here. While the Godzilla movie is a major CGI movie I thought some of the scenes are just not quite correct. I was a little disappointed with the special effects as many where just simple but some were quite good. The use of the green screen by the producers is well done. It shows you what can be done with time and effort. How does that apply to a small studio? Not as much as you might want but probably more than you know at this point.

You need to check out the virtual backgrounds for family or portrait photography and you will understand. Here is one company that does it pretty well. It is called by no surprise Virtual Backgrounds.

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