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Reviewing the February 18th 2014 Environmental Day at the Arizona Capital

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At the February 18th 2014 Environmental Day at the Arizona Capital the Mayor of Clarkdale, Doug Von Gausig spoke on the topic; "Why do I care about the?" Mayor Gausig gave a few reasons. Those reasons included; water flow to the Salt River in the South Arizona Valley that supplies water to drink and facilitate business activities, providing Hydro Electric Power Plants along the Verde River with the basic component of those plant’s supply chain: water and maintaining a lake to fish on and a game reserve near Clarkdale. The question remains; is there support to agree with those reasons? Water flow to the Salt River in the South Arizona Valley that supplies water to drink and facilitate business activities is a good reason to care about the Verde River. The next reason the Mayor implied was that it was providing Hydro Electric Power plants along it with the basic component of those plant’s supply chain, although, the Childs-Irving hydroelectric system was closed in 2005. The final reason that the Mayor implied was that the Verde River was supplying lakes, streams and creeks to fish in with those lakes supplying tourist revenues to the city of Clarkton.

The closing of the Childs-Irving hydroelectric system in 2005 seemed like it was not a problem to the Mayor. When asked about Hydroelectric Plants on the Verde River System, the Mayor’s reply was that 2 were enough. Mayor Gausig explained about how water back up caused from reducing the existing plants’ outputs, in order to regulate output to seasonal requirements, is flooding flatlands along multiple streams and creeks throughout the area. Yet, the Mayor has been against a new plant at Big Chino replacing the Childs-Irving hydroelectric system and seems to think that having Kris Mayes, whom grew up in the area and is a lobbyist, consulting on the project rather than any engineer or scientists going result in the rejection of the project he wants. One alternative to the Mayor’s negative current plan is having a few engineers and scientists consulting on the project, this would give the public and the government some real learned opinions on the project.

The final reason that the Mayor stated while explaining that everyone should care about the Verde River was that it was supplying lakes to fish in and food to animals that area tourists wanted to hunt. The Mayor said that those tourists provided revenues to the city of Clarkton. That reason, not to build another hydroelectric plant on the Verde River, seemed displaced with a continuing discussion throughout the Environmental Day to stop killing the mexican wolves living Arizona. Answering the question; Is there support to agree with the reasons the Mayor gave?, the answer is that the Southern Arizona valley’s requirements have priority due to it’s larger population and those requirements must get assessed through professional engineers and scientists’ reports not the Mayor’s favorite lobbyist’s one sided view.

Contrasting the Mayor’s stand on continuing to provide tourist hunting and fishing areas, Senator Farley talked in favor of outlawing the killing of the mexican wolves. Both; Republican Senator Steve Farley and Democratic House Minority Leader Representative Chad Campbell spoke in favor of ending Net Metering, with Representative Campbell stating that a new bill to promote Net Metering is getting presented to the House of Representative as early as the next few days. Get in touch with Sandy Bahr at 602 888 5790 in order to find out how to work to prevent increased Net Metering. Republican Senator Farley is astutely in favor of building Large Solar Farms and closing our state’s coal fired electric plants. Representative Campbell is not entirely in favor of the Solar Farming effort, call Sandy Bahr at 602 888 5790 and learn how we can sway Representative Campbell to the entirely Pro-Solar Farming stance that Senator Farley has taken. We have vastly regarded voices in both houses of our State’s Congress on our side of the issues of Net Metering and Solar Farming. We must get them to make their voices heard in those respective houses, call Sandy Bahr at 602 888 5790 and learn how to bring legislatures to our side in the battle over Environmental Issues such as; Alternative Energy as a whole, Net Metering, Solar Farming, government subsidies to change from existing petroleum based solar panels to environmentally correct algae based solar panels, closing coal fired electric plants, alternative energy tax credits and in the future outputting Arizona’s excess solar power to the interstate power grid in order to bring revenue into our state.



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