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Reviewing the new Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots

Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots come in 2 and 4 inch sizes and in red or brown.
Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots come in 2 and 4 inch sizes and in red or brown.
Kim Willis

Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots hit the market last year. If you are a gardener that likes to try new things and enjoys the benefits of technology these pots may be just what you are looking for. These pots use Velcro®Brand technology to form a pot from two pieces of pre-cut material. The pots have drainage holes built in. You simply lay the pieces over one another and then turn the sides up, pressing them together at the sides to form a square. The pots come in two sizes, 2 and 4 inch and two colors, red and brown.

Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots make transplanting seedlings or cuttings grown in them easy as you can just peel away the sides and easily remove the root ball. No more shaking and thumping pots to remove the plant or using your knife to cut them out. The less disturbance of the plant roots when transplanting, the easier the plant adapts to its new surroundings.

Not only do plants slide out easily from a Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots but the pots special lining keeps the roots from curling around the sides of the pot and tangling together. This “air pruning” delivers a plant that has a root system that adjusts easily to the soil it is planted into and which results in a plant with a stronger, healthier root system. No more masses of tangled, matted roots that make it hard for the plants roots to venture out into the soil to find moisture and nutrients.

While Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots are not bio-degradable they are re-usable. You can remove the plants, break down the pot pieces and wash the pots in water. You can’t wash away the “stickiness.” Let them dry and store them for another season. The pots are made of sturdy, plastic- like material that won’t fall apart with wet soil inside and that will give you many years of use. The “stickiness” doesn’t go away with time or sunlight and soil and water do not affect the pots ability to hold together through weeks of plant growth.

Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots have large drainage holes and do best sitting in a tray instead of lined up on a window sill. You can buy a wicking matt system to fit in a tray but they also do well in a plain tray. Since the sides of the pots are flexible and square, you can fit many pots tightly into a tray. The pots stick together so there is less chance of a pot falling out of the tray if they are moved.

The 4 inch size of Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots requires a bit more soil to fill than a hard sided plastic 4 inch pot. The extra room, however, lets you grow plants to a larger size before transplanting is needed. Since the pots sides can flex as you fill them it helps to place the Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pot inside some sort of rigid form and gently pack moist soil into them before planting. The sides of the pot will pull away from the soil a bit as it dries, but this helps create the air pruning affect and doesn’t affect plant growth.

Don’t use gloves when filling and handling Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots s as the pots will stick to them. They will also stick to clothing but can be pulled off without damage. You’ll want to keep pets away too, unless you want hairy pots.

The pots are a bit expensive at about $10.00 for a set of 6- 2 inch or 3- 4 inch pots. (Self - watering trays are extra). You should think of your Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots as an investment in a gardening tool, one that can give you many years of use. You can purchase Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots at Gardening Supply Company.

The first person who responds to this email address with the words – Let me try some pots- will receive one package of 4 inch and 1 package of 2 inch Velcro® Brand Peel Away™ Pots, a value of about $20.00 to try, courtesy of the author. You must provide a mailing address. Your first name and city will be published on the author’s blog at

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