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Reviewing Nexia Home Intelligence Systems

The privacy of the home represents the very heart and foundation of society. The protection of the residence remains a common importance. Today’s technology places that capability in the hands of everyday people. For, we all can appreciate returning to our home, as we left it.

The Bridge or Central Hub - Making it All Work
The Bridge or Central Hub - Making it All Work
Photo by Keith McFarland
The Beginning Pathway to Self Monitored Home Security
Photo by Keith McFarland

In accordance, Nexia,, has established itself as a supplier of Home Intelligence Systems; and in their words: ‘helps you stay connected to your home and the people and possessions you hold dear-all from a single app.’ In walking the Nexia process, the visual perception might appear daunting; but, the integration is simple in readying and usage; my initial connection included the Nexia Bridge (Model BR100), Schlage Home Outdoor Camera (WCO100), Motion Sensor, and Door/Window Sensor. Yet, if should you stubble, in some form or fashion, as I did with the Nexia Bridge, their support group seemed courtesy and very responsive.

The fascination is about how, as individuals, we can look into our residence, while someplace else; all by merely using a mobile device having a connection to the internet. In addition, if you consider the technology market will grow to $19 Billion, combine with an existence of 132,452,405 US Housing units, in 2012, (, positive marketing and pricing strategies, in a home automation business, can offer a company, like Nexia, good positioning for the future. Their current direction gives a consumer choice of devices; freedom of layout; and ability to expand or contract.

The coverage of home security makes for a desirable product, regardless of who you are. But, nothing is full proof in protection, despite functioning as claimed; and worthy of mention, a lock only keeps a honest person honest. Thus, in continuing, each step is more about an affirmation to one of the growth trends in innovation, the smart home. And the real beauty goes beyond merely watching online. The thrill is linking the sensors and cameras. It’s something to behold, in such a close and personal way. Even more so, this tech item and technology in general, is never tiring; because what is happening unveils the newer economic landscape being discussed and acted upon globally.

Delving fully into the process, there was some assistance I sought. Two of them involved my alerts and a camera. And most certainly, at these moments, an organization having good customer service becomes important. My answer on the camera was easily addressed, as I was interpreting the prompt incorrectly. A lesson learned in positive form. Also, I tested the Nexia app, loaded on my Kindle, by using the WiFi, at a local McDonalds’, about three miles away; true to form, I could view my residence and make other changes. The app is all touch screen and found on the App Store and Google Play. Though, for reason unknown, with my LGL35G, I am unable to find or bring up the app thru Google Play.

This Home Intelligence System can have long-term relevance for a purchaser; essentially, a self-monitored security network. Basically, a connected home, operating by Z-wave (, next-generation wireless technology; it is cloud-based (,2817,2372163,00.asp), providing the latest updates to your system, via the internet. Communications are fully encrypted with AES128 encryption standards. To get set-up, one needs a.) an active broadband internet connection; b.) a router with at least one available port; c.) a computer with internet access for initial setup; d.) a compatible smartphone or tablet in order to use your mobile devices for remote features; and e.) a nexia bridge.

It’s adaptable to a house or apartment, temporary or permanent. The current flexibility lies in how 230 security related devices, for the house, can be added and subtracted, thru a central hub called a bridge ($69.99). You’ll also find the help videos and FAQs are easy to digest, and ideal to checking-out the many things it does. There is no contract of any type, but a monthly remote access fee of $9.99 exists; however, you can cancel at anytime.

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