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Reviewed: Wild Turkey American Spirit 15 year old

Wild Turkey American Spirit
Wild Turkey American Spirit


  • Jim Lindsay - Knoxville Gourmet Food Examiner 6 years ago

    Wow, Wild Turkey really did their homework with the packaging on this one. Between the fine look of the box and bottle and the fine review presented here, I'm thinking about $100 for the bottle might not be too much to ask if I can find it in Knoxville. I'll be putting my eye out there for it soon for sure.

  • Elaine 6 years ago

    Do you taste all of these whiskeys, before you write about them? ALso...what is the plural of Whiskey?

    Also...what does TOP Shelf MEAN?

  • Chris Dunne 6 years ago

    Yes, I taste these whiskeys before, during, and after I review them. Plural for whiskey is whiskeys (In U.S. and Ireland). Scotland, Canada and Japan use the spelling whisky where the accepted plural is whiskies. Top shelf just means premium spirit and usually found on the top shelf of your local liquor store. cheers.

  • mark knepper 2 years ago

    American spirit still out there found two bottles in Shelbyville TN as of October 2013 can not wait till TRY and ole Dusty on the top shelf

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