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Review: 'World Series of Yahtzee' for iOS is fast rolling fun

World Series of Yahtzee screenshots
World Series of Yahtzee screenshots
EA Mobile

"World Series of Yahtzee" is a free new asynchronous two player game by EA Mobile allows you to compete against friends from Facebook or challenge strangers in three "dice-rattling" rounds.

World Series of Yahtzee logo
EA Mobile

WARNING: This is NOT your grandmother’s YAHTZEE (unless your grandma’s really cool…)

Unlike traditional "Yahtzee," in "World Series of Yahtzee" you can roll the dice as many times as you want - however there's only 90 seconds to obtain the highest score. Tapping the bottom of the screen rolls your dice, and you can tap each die that you want to lock in. Up above the dice are nine cards that each have a goal and point value.

Part of the challenge of "World Series of Yahtzee" is that you'll only have a couple of seconds to tap as many as the cards as possible. A perfect "Yahtzee!" will also allow you to select "four of a kind." Likewise, a "large straight" also qualifies as a "small straight" and a "full house" is also a "three of a kind."

After each round you'll earn 15 coins (you start with 250), which can be redeemed for special power-ups. You can choose two power-ups per round, the first for 20 coins and the second for 40. There's also an option to unlock a third power up slot for $0.99, which will remain unlocked free forever.

"Turbo Roll" makes your die roll significantly faster, almost twice as fast.

"Extra Time" adds 30 additional seconds to the game's clock.

"Hints" highlight all possible cards to select from after each of your rolls.

"Extra Die" adds a sixth die. The sixth die can't be "locked in" an re-rolled with every roll; it rolls once every time you select your cards. The game assumes you're using the extra die unless you choose to lock in all six of your other dice.

"Extra Rolls" is a unique power-up that doesn't kick in until after the time has run out on the clock. It gives you ten additional rolls, and an unlimited time to view the cards in between the rolls so that you'll get the maximum point bonus (you'll still have to tap the cards quickly though).

My favorite combination of power-ups was "hints" and "turbo roll."

As you progress through the rounds with your opponent the cards become increasingly difficult, requiring specific numbers on your dice. This added complexity leaves you frantically scanning the screen while also rolling the dice as quickly as possible.

"World Series of Yahtzee" is supported by in-game ads, which appear at the bottom of the menu screen and also expand to full screen after every round and must be tapped to exit out of and continue, however there's an option to remove them for $1.99. It's a small price to pay for fast rolling fun.

You can download "World Series of Yahtzee" for free on both iPhone and iPad here.

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