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Review - Western Digital My Book (2TB)

This external hard drive gets the job done
This external hard drive gets the job done
Image courtesy of Western Digital

For any gamer out there that has quickly found out that the Wii U’s internal hard drive and SD card slot just isn’t going to cut it for downloading more than a few digital titles, fortunately the console does support an external hard drive.

Enter the Western Digital My Book (2TB), which is a USB 3.0 external drive and is a perfect size for any console or PC use and is also available in a few other sizes (ie. 1TB, 3TB).

The My Book has a shiny black plastic encasing that sits vertically and is powered by a power supply, while connecting to a PC or console via USB. There are vents on three sides, which is great for keeping the unit cool, even without any active fans and design-wise, it literally looks like a book. I also noticed that the drive is very quiet, and aside from a light on the front panel, you won’t even know it’s doing anything.

The drive’s actually capacity is just about 2TB with some of the drive’s software takes up a few hundred MBs; certainly not an amount that makes a big difference. For use on a console, as I used for the Wii U, I was able to get it formatted quite quickly, as it’s pre-formatted to work on Windows, though it can also be reformatted to work on a Mac.

So how did the drive perform on the Wii U? Very well actually. Once it was recognized by the console, I immediately moved over all my downloaded games and save files over to the My Book, which only took about 15 minutes – not bad considering I had some full games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze installed. After all my games were moved over, I decided to launch a few of them and realized that the system didn’t suffer any hiccups or added load time for launching each game, or in-game loading. In fact, it was easy to forget that I even had the Wii U connected to anything as it worked flawlessly with the My Book.

Overall, the My Book worked as good as I hoped it would, without offering up any problems before or after heavy use and at only $109, it's a great deal for anyone looking to add more space to their consoles (especially the Wii U) or for taking their photos and videos on the go.

Final Score: 5 out of 5

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