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REVIEW Wall Mounts for Flat Screen TVs

flat TV mounts
flat TV mounts

Today we’re looking at Wall Mounts for your Flat Screen TV.

The clear reality is that home theater accessories aren't just a luxury for the very wealthy anymore. TV mounts used to not hold that much relevance outside of consumers that had dedicated home screening rooms in their homes. Lucky for the consumer, thin and light TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper and the idea of wall mounting isn’t as intimidating as it once was.

Everyday consumers are buying wall mounts. This article’s intent is to give you the confidence to make an informed decision. Too many people are buying $20 wall mounts online or worse still, blindly putting their full faith into the opinion of a salesman at a big box store with an agenda beyond you getting the best product. Read on...

Click here to see a video slideshow of the products featured below or click on the individual product titles to link directly to their spot in the show.

37-60” Universal Articulating Wall Mount SA761PU by Peerless-AV

Manufacturer – $562.00

Amazon - $230.89

Google Pricing

This mount gets as close to the wall as 4.43” and can extend out to 27.55”. It’s built off of a scissor-type hinge that allows a huge range of motion through 180 degrees. The mount also has a self-leveling feature when pushed flat against the wall (of course this depends on a level installation to begin with) It’s rated to hold up to 130 lbs. which is near the top of the range for a mount this size. A decent cable management channel is hidden within each arm and allows for a bit of clutter reduction. Arm has two points of contact on the wall for extra security and baseplate is large enough to allow a dual stud installation. Speaking to the installation, the manual was seemed simple enough with plenty of illustrations of the process. At the same time, it’s extremely confusing and overwhelming to see instructions in about 10 different languages for each step. For that reason, things were less descriptive than they should have been. You can barely understand how to apply the TV to the mount itself. I understand the value in condensing the manual, but it’s just too much to process at a certain point. Take your time, use common sense, and get a friend to help you out for best results. A unique feature of the Peerless mount is the ability to rotate from landscape to portrait without removing from the mount and reinstalling. You need a seriously well-built mount to offer a feature like that and Peerless delivers overall with clean welds and what feels like very solid craftsmanship.

30-52” THINSTALL dual swing arm wall display mount TS325TU by Chief


Amazon - $295.18

Google Pricing

This piece takes the low profile mount to an extreme. The even thinner design allows the mount to sit a mere 1.8” off the wall when pushed flat. It sits that flat while still allowing a full 25” of extension when needed. You’ll find the same dual stud mounting as with the previous mount from Peerless, though installation is much simpler with the Chief model. I installed a 42” TV by myself without issue. The unique feature that sets this piece apart is the 16” of lateral shift that are possible after initial installation. Most dual stud mounts leave you stuck in terms of wall position after you hang the TV. The Thinstall allows you to move the TV 16” from left to right to get the piece perfectly centered on your wall while maintaining the strength of a dual stud mount. Similar to the previous model, you’ll find basic cable management in the arms of the Thinstall. I didn’t see an issue with my testing, but be aware that some have complained about the included hardware (nuts and bolts) included with the mount. If you are especially concerned or are installing a TV at the top of the mount’s 75 lb. weight capacity, install using your own high rated hardware. To put the thin effect over the top, you can purchase the TA500 in-wall installation plate that allows you to sink the already thin mount right into the wall. This gives the effect of the TV sitting completely flat on the wall when pushed in.

30-60+” PLAY70 by OmniMount


Amazon - $249.37

Provantage - $227.82

Thin is nice, but give me strength over looks any day in this space. The PLAY70 has a fun name but it’s a serious piece of equipment. This is a rare single stud mount that gets my full endorsement. The PLAY70 is engineered so completely. Each step of the installation makes you surer of its strength and durability. The mount supports screens from 30” up to 60”+ (bigger displays are fine as long as they fall beneath the 70lb. weight capacity). It extends a full 28” from the wall when needed and can move a full 20” in any direction. All of this on a single polished aluminum arm which also includes some cable management on the underside. OmniMount uses a patented technology called “constant force” which enables you to move your 50lb. TV with a single finger if need be. It works remarkably well during real use and makes this mount the star of the bunch in my opinion. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE

Installation instructions weren't great. Luckily, the company produced this awesome install video which is very straightforward.

26-37” mMotion Swing Small by The People of Lava

Manufacturer - $229.00


This final piece takes the functionality of the pieces above and automates the process with a motor. I saw the small version which will accommodate screens from 26-37” up to 55lbs. The integrated motor allows you to swing the TV out up to 180 degrees from the wall. You can literally have your display shift around a corner. This mount becomes ideal for a “great room” or any other large open space where you could be sitting or working in different corners at any given time. To control the device, a built in IR receiver can actually learn from most any remote control. You’ll assign different buttons to different preset angles and change your view with a single press. This is also a one stud installation, it doesn’t give me as much confidence as the very substantial PLAY70, but this model is meant to hold less TV. You can install the mount to swing from the left or the right depending on need and the it sits about 1.5” from the wall when in the starting position on either side.

The fact that you can own a motorized TV mount for slightly over $200 was a huge surprise to me. It’s one of those gadgets that can feel out of reach, but it turns out that it’s a very realistic accessory. The company is based in Sweden so be aware that a few aspects of the manual might be a bit lost in translation. A couple of things weren’t completely clear and some details seemed to be overlooked or left out. Overall, you should be able to get through the process, but it could be easier.

If you haven’t already, click here to see a video slideshow of the products detailed above.

Thank you again to the companies above for supplying their product for this review.



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