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Review: VAL’s R.E.D. cheesecake in a jar

V. Urzua
V. Urzua
V. Urzua

VAL’s R.E.D. cheesecake hits the trifecta of popular dessert trends. Cute mini size? Check. Southern charm and mystique of the legendary red velvet cake? Check. Retro-style packaging with rustic flair? Double check. The humble baker’s twine and wooden spoon push it over the edge.

In honor of National Cheesecake Day, July 30, the cheesecake jars will be available at Pokey O’s on Mockingbird Lane from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. With its festive presentation, this cheesecake is ready for a celebration, but how does the flavor measure up?

R.E.D. taste test
The cheesecake core sits sandwiched between a baked-in red velvet cake crust and a generous topping of cake crumbs. Despite its bold color, the red velvet cake does not have the usual muted cocoa flavor. Instead, it forms a sweet, supple complement to the cheesecake. While a toothsome graham cracker or cookie crust works as a stark contrast to the delicate texture of a traditional cheesecake, every element of R.E.D. works in harmony to create a melody of flavors.

The cheesecake layer has the subtle dome and sturdy yet creamy consistency of a cheesecake lovingly baked to perfection in a water bath. It is substantial, but not quite as dense as a New York cheesecake. The taste is rich with a mild hint of sour cream flavor.

Not only is the hinged glass jar a greener packaging choice, it features built-in portion control. Measuring about three inches tall, it holds an individual serving of cheesecake that is roughly the same size as a standard cupcake.

Where to buy VAL’s
In addition to cheesecakes big and small, VAL’s offers an extensive line of desserts ranging from brownies to pies. The dynamic menu of cheesecakes in a jar includes several options based on classic flavor combos, such as Napoleon Dynamite inspired by the tricolor ice cream, and The Elvis featuring banana cheesecake with peanut butter flourishes.

Visit VAL’s website to place at an order for delivery or pick-up from its commercial location in downtown Dallas. Select desserts are available from Artizone, Opening Bell Coffee, Cedars Social, and DISH restaurant. Prices vary slightly between venues, but the jarred desserts start at $7 each.

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