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Review: Toast Real Wood Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Made in the USA)

Toast is a quirky fun company based out of Portland Oregon, and they make some fantastic covers for our various phones, tablets, and MacBooks.

They use responsibly sourced wood, and apply a 3M adhesive, which is then laser cut to fit specific devices. They are custom cut to cover every square inch of a gadget in a natural fiber experience. A complete kit for the GS5 (about $40) includes front and back covers, side pieces, button covers, and a cut out for the camera. The pieces are expertly designed to maintain functionality like the front facing camera and heart rate monitor, though I find the subtle edge on the wood makes the fingerprint scanner a little trickier to use.

Wood is a great organic material to cover a device. It feels good in the hand, giving the phone a grip-able texture without resorting to a sticky rubber, and it ages really well. As it gets worn, scuffed, scratched, it starts to take on a "vintage" look and feel. Toast can also etch in custom designs and patterns for an addition fee.

The adhesive is tough without being permanent or damaging to the device. Removal requires a heat source (like a hair dryer) to wiggle it free, but it's tough enough to withstand a soaking. Like the Galaxy S5, it'll survive getting submerged.

The company also deserves some recognition for not only manufacturing their covers here in the United States, but also by powering their facility with green power. Their laser cutter is fueled by renewable energy. This small home grown company (a Kickstarter success story) provides one of the more unique ways available to clothe our gadgets.

Hit the related video to see the Toast cover being installed, or head over to to see what covers are available.

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