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Review: Tide Coldwater Clean gets laundry clean minus the hot water

You can save energy and money by changing to cold water for laundry washing.
Procter & Gamble

If you haven't tried switching to cold water in your washing machine yet, Tide Coldwater Clean makes the changeover painless and with excellent cleaning results.

Procter and Gamble provided me with sample bottles of Tide Coldwater Clean liquid laundry detergent in return for an honest review.

According to P&G, 80 percent of the energy used in the laundry washing process goes toward heating the water. As part of Earth Week recently, P&G promoted cold water washing and the Tide Coldwater Clean product with their #TurnToCold campaign.

I use a top-loading standard washing machine along with stain pretreatment and bleach in white loads. Tide Coldwater Clean also comes in an HE version for high efficiency machines.

I added Tide Coldwater Clean detergent to the drum as the washer filled, before throwing in my laundry. In my experience, adding detergent before laundry makes a noticeable difference in laundry cleaning.

Tide Coldwater Clean performed exceptionally well in cleaning my laundry - which comes as no surprise from a detergent bearing the venerable Tide name.

I made a point of washing some impressively dirty clothing in testing Tide Coldwater Clean with my washing machine set to cold water wash and rinse. With few exceptions, Tide removed all the dirt and stains, including some that I intentionally missed pre-treating. I also washed a white sock in a colored load and saw no color transfer - the sock came out perfectly white and clean.

Tide Coldwater Clean also removed all traces of lingering smells such as those from sweat or colognes. Whether I used liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets, clothes washed in cold water using Tide Coldwater Clean came out smelling fresh and clean.

Walmart sells the 92-oz bottle of Tide Coldwater Clean for about $11.97, which comes out to roughly 25 cents per medium load. You an save a bit by using coupons from P&G's regular Sunday newspaper inserts.

If you've thought about saving some cash by switching to cold water washing and want a detergent that's optimized for the task, Tide Coldwater Clean will do the job quite well. You probably won't even notice a difference between clothes washed in hot or warm water compared to those washed in cold water.

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