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Review: The Tego Audio CERA Bluetooth Speaker

We've seen a wealth of Bluetooth speakers hit the market, from a variety of manufacturers. While many cover the basics of wirelessly streaming our audio, the competition in this arena is producing some pretty novel designs and some interesting features.

CERA, from Tego Audio is a small, almost spherical, upward firing speaker about the size of a medium orange. The top section is flattened out, and pushing on the middle of the top piece will unlock a rising shelf. This turns the CERA on, and you'll be greeted by a soft Tron-blue glow.

Controls on that top shelf allow you to pair, skip, rewind, and control the volume. The bottom edge of the CERA features a 3.5mm insert jack to connect the speaker to devices which don't use Bluetooth, and a Mini-USB charge/data port. It's important to note that the CERA does not use the more modern and common Micro-USB jack. That can be frustrating as it means you wont be able to use the same cable for your phone and speaker to charge, but this Mini-USB jack does allow you to daisy-chain multiple speakers together.

Tego Audio includes a Mini-USB to 3.5mm adapter. Using this port, you can link an infinite number of CERA speakers together to create a wireless surround sound system of punchy little portable speakers. Happily, if you already have another speaker which has a 3.5mm insert, you can also connect the CERA to any other speaker as well for stereo output.

The sound quality is above average. As mentioned, it's a punchy little speaker, more than capable of filling a bedroom or medium sized space. The upward firing speaker provides 360 degrees of audio coverage, but that means it wont feel as loud as more direction portable speakers.

It's priced appropriately, often found for a street price around $60. While more expensive than some competitors like HMDX's Jam lineup, it handily offers up one of the more flexible solutions available for people who like to pump their tunes at home or on the go. For more info on CERA, hit Tego Audio's website.

Hit the related video to see and hear the CERA in action!

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