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Review: The Bud

Medicinal Marijuana
Medicinal Marijuana by Alex

The Bud is located at 2500 broadway in Boulder and they are open from 11-7 M-F and 11-4 on Sat.

Quality: The buds at the Bud are of OK quality. Some were pretty good but they did not have one strain that knocked my socks off. The AK-47, maui and Blackberry Blue were all good but they were not top shelf meds. A little dry, a little old and just not covered in trichomes. Some of the different types smelled OK, but the smell did not overwhelm me.   Smell is a big indicator of how good the marijuana is because the better the marijuana smells the better it tastes.  This is because correctly grown, dried and cured marijuana when fresh has an extremely pungent odor and delicious taste.

Prices: The prices are a nice 15/g for their higher grade buds and the lower grade go for 12/g all in all very reasonable prices. The colas go for 16/g but you have to buy the whole thing, but they are might be worth it, considering how tough it is to purchase a cola at a dispensary.

Quantity: The Bud had 18 strains as they usually strive for 5 sativa, 5 indica and five crosses. Their buds are not only Colorado grown but most are from Boulder and the surrounding mountains. You can pretty much purchase any quantity but the prices are straight up the line.

Extras: Tinctures and edibles, including frozen ganja pizzas, can be purchased at the Bud. They also have some nice looking hash that ranges from $25-$35 per gram.

One very unique extra was the preserved cola section consisting of vacuum sealed jars with well preserved colas in them. You have to buy the whole jar no exception and you can't open the jar until you buy it. The colas were very nice and some of them did have top shelf appeal.

Overall: The Bud is a small operation and resembles many of the other dispensaries. The space reminds me of a chiropractors office in a good way and the folks that work there are very nice. They play good music and have some cool features like the cola jars. Overall this is not a bad place to check out, you never know what they might have but you do know it will cost $15 per gram.

Rating: The Bud gets 6.5 green thumbs.


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