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Review: T-Rex Cafe in Kansas City for a great dining experience

On a trip to Kansas City, Missouri recently my family hit up the T-Rex Cafe for dinner. This business only has two locations. One is in Kansas City and the other one is at Disney World in Florida. The one in Kansas City is located in the Legend's Outlet Mall and knowing this makes it a lot easier to find. You can't see it from the parking lot, but will have to walk into the middle of the center to find it.

T-Rex Cafe

Outside of the building is a huge skeleton of a real dinosaur that is really cool. Once you get inside, you are surrounded by mechanical dinosaurs and other creatures. My girls loved the lady bugs that moved and flapped their wings. Every 30 minutes there is what they call an eruption and everything starts to move even more and you will not want to miss it. The place reminds of me Rain Forest Cafe, but all dinosaurs.

The food is a bit high priced, but it isn't too outrageous. If you wanted to eat for a better deal, you can get a burger and a few other things at an affordable price. We did order steak and shrimp and it was amazing and worth every penny. Our waiter gave us an amazing service the entire visit.

I would highly recommend T-Rex Cafe if you are looking for a fun place to eat in Kansas City. It is one of those thing you may never get another chance to do and is a fun experience. They do have a gift shop but we skipped that part and just enjoyed the free view and our great food.

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