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Review: "Sweating Bullets [CD E.P.]" by Megadeth

(Gene Kirkland)

          This 7-song E.P. was released by Capitol Records in 1993. You get 3 versions of 'Symphony of Destruction,' two versions of 'Sweating Bullets' and two additional cuts. Definitely for hard-core collectors and at 7 songs in length, those completists will get a lot more bang for their buck with this one. Here's the exact track listing:

1. Sweating Bullets...Anxiety Edit.

2. Symphony of Destruction...Live.

3. Countdown to Extinction...Live.

4. Symphony of Destruction...The Gristle Edit Mix.

5. Sweating Bullets...Live.

6. Ashes in your Mouth...Live.

7. Symphony of Destruction...The Gristle Mix.

          Hit up for more information on one helluva band.