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Review: Squeez’Ems let you take kids' drinks on the move

Take kids drinks and semi-liquid foods on the go with Squeez'Ums.
Take kids drinks and semi-liquid foods on the go with Squeez'Ums.

If you've ever run out of juice boxes for packing in kids' lunches or wished that you could stop buying them altogether, Squeez’Ems has you covered.

BooginHead provided me with a sample package of two Squeez’Ems in return for an honest review.

While opening and examining the product, I immediately thought of possibly replacing expensive and wasteful juice boxes, but my testers, ages 10 and 4, had other ideas. Each wanted drink after drink in a Squeez’Ems bottle.

The older child also filled hers with yogurt, mimicking the squeeze tubes of Yoplait GoGurt, which cost around $3.19 for a pack of eight 2.25 oz servings or 18 cents per ounce. The Yoplait Light cups in my fridge were on sale for 50 cents each or about 8 cents an ounce.

If your kids love GoGurt and you'd like to substitute a much cheaper approximation, Squeez’Ems definitely do the job. Click here for a video demonstration of using Squeez’Ems for yogurt.

Although they're top-rack dishwasher safe, the packaging recommends hand washing. I initially feared that Squeez’Ems may prove hard to clean, but my older tester, age 10, has easily rinsed her Squeez’Em multiple times in preparation its next fill. In addition to the yogurt, our Squeez’Ems have held water, milk, juice and Gatorade.

Squeez’Ems hold 6 ounces, the same as a standard-sized juice box, and are fairly easy to fill. Arrows at the top warn that the lid twists opposite to lefty loosey, righty tighty, probably to contrast with the drink opening, which also twists on and off.

Kids not only have no trouble drinking from the Squeez’Ems, but actually prefer them to regular cups or even cups with straws. I imagine toddlers who still prefer sippy cups could also use Squeez’Ems with no trouble. The containers are substantial enough that they don't seem to cause accidental spillage due to over squeezing. The only dribbling came when the younger tester turned one upside down to see what would happen.

Given our experience with yogurt and various beverages, it appears Squeez’Ems could carry any number liquids or pureed foods in lunch pales or for anytime you need to take along a snack or drink. Squeez’Ems contain no BPA, PVC or phthalates, and you can safely freeze or microwave them.

Two Squeez’Ems come per package for $9.50. You can buy them online from BooginHead's Web site or at major retailers such as Walmart or Babies 'R Us. BooginHead also makes a similar product called Pack'Ems, reusable zipper bags for toting solid foods such as crackers.

Squeez’Ems provide a great way to add foods like yogurt or apple sauce to lunch pales, plus, they can provide you with a replacement or backup to juice boxes.

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