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Review: Spring Loaded Trampoline Park for indoor fun in New Branfels, Texas

Spring Loaded Trampoline Park
Spring Loaded Trampoline Park
Spring Loaded Trampoline Park

On a recent trip to New Braunfels, Texas we had a lot of rain so we had to find fun things to do inside. Spring Loaded Trampoline Park was the perfect place to go. This is located at the Texas Ski Ranch in a building in the back and we had a blast!

This park cost us $15 for 2 hours of play per person. The sessions are cheaper on weekdays. It has several different trampolines. They have longer ones where you can run and even jump into the wall that is also a trampoline. It also offers several square trampolines for fun.

One other thing they have is floors that are similar to a gymnastic floor. While we were there, they had games of dodge ball going on. Someone that worked there was helping out with them and they went on all day long. My family spent a ton of time playing and it was a blast! They also had a basketball goal and a few various balls down in that area too.

We did have a couple of complaints. The bathroom was in the other building so you have to walk over to get to it. They do not offer a water fountain, but of course they will sell you water. They also do not have any lockers or anywhere safe to keep belongings, but were more than willing to put my purse behind the counter so that was great!

Personally I would highly recommend Spring Loaded Trampoline Park in New Braunfels, Texas. My kids considered this one of their favorite things we did on our trip.

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