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Review: Spoon - Transference

Spoon is one of those bands that makes you feel unpretentious in your love for what has come to be known as “indie rock.” Their newest effort Transference is certainly no exception and provides trademark Spoon-isms such as subtle hooks, dense sonics and an always playful artiness. This particular album, like most of all of their previous work, hangs together brilliantly and seems to last just long enough to entice one back for repeat listens. Some songs boast grooves (“Nobody Gets Me But You”), some feature barroom stomp (“Written In Reverse”), while others are content to exist as pure chiming alt-rock nuggets of goodness (“Trouble Comes Running” and “Got Nuffin”). Smart and deft as Transference may be, it still manages to remain fun, interesting and extremely delectable.

Spoon // Transference
Photo: Wikipedia


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