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Review: Son of God, The Movie

While I must confess I watched very little of The Bible miniseries on A&E, not because I wasn't interested but because I have read and studied the Bible over the years so I knew I would sit there and over analyze the each episode. It is the same thing I used to do when I was a volunteer fireman and I'd watch one of those shows like 'Emergency'.

Still, I think a miniseries like The Bible is a good way to get people talking about God again. The same is true of the movie Son of God. The film is a good way to talk to non-believers about Jesus. Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and Mark Burnett (Survivor) the couple behind the miniseries and the movie do a good job of highlighting the main points of the life, death, resurrection of Jesus as well interspersing His teachings throughout the film.

The film itself is actually the portion of The Bible miniseries on Jesus adapted for the big screen with some added footage. The movie open with the birth of Jesus then covers the portion of the Jesus' life after he is baptized by John and when He calls Peter to be a fisher of men. After theses opening scenes the film skips along through the various portions of Jesus' ministry. It is a good capsule highlight for those who may not know anything about Jesus or for those who know very little of His life or teachings. Those who have studied the Bible may find exceptions to parts of the film.

In fact the film has been getting a lot of flack from Evangelicals for a number of reasons:

  • The chronology of the life of Jesus as portrayed in the film is all wrong.
  • Jesus is to easy on the eye.
  • The film does not accurately follow the Gospel accounts of Jesus life.
  • The film leads people down the wrong road when it comes to knowing the historical Jesus, among others.

In defense of the film and any future movies based on Bible stories like the upcoming film Noah. No movie on the life of Jesus or film based on any Bible narrative is 100 percent accurate. This does not mean they should be dismissed as useless or at the worst thought of as heresy. By all means no. Movies like the Son of God create an opportunity for Christians to have a dialogue with non-believers about faith,belief and life of Jesus.

While Son of God the movie may have its faults Downey and Burnett have created a tool God can use to change the lives and hearts of people and bring them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Remember,if God in his wisdom, uses us even with all our imperfections to share His love with and hurting and seeking world He of course can use a film like Son of God.

In the end see the movie, watch it with an open mind, search the Scriptures for the truth and then talk about the film with anybody who will listen. Downey and Burnett, like they did with The Bible miniseries, have equipped the Son of God website with resources to help share the truth of the Gospel.

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