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Review: Slash at Harrah's VooDoo Lounge

Cover art - Slash
Cover art - Slash

It should be no surprise that fans showed up at Harrah's VooDoo Lounge on Thursday evening with high expectations. When you're going to see a man that's acknowledged as one of the best guitar players around, the bar is set pretty high. Maybe too high.

But not this time. In the words of one fan, "Slash just totally melts your f***in' face, man!"

With a lay-out that allows fans to get more up-close and personal with a show than anywhere else, VooDoo Lounge is probably one of the best venues in Kansas City for this kind of show, which was a lovefest from beginning to end. The crowd was stoked from the moment that Vegas-based Taking Dawn took the stage with an energetic hardcore set that was a perfect lead-in for the night to come.

After kicking things off with "Ghost" from Slash's solo album, the first half of the show was a musical buffet that also included choices from the days of Slash's Snakepit and Velvet Revolver. The heyday of Guns 'N Roses wasn't forgotten, either.

Fans who wondered whether classics like "Nightrain" or "Sweet Child O' Mine" could be the same without the unforgettable voice of Axl Rose found out that yes, they can. Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy turns out to be a perfect choice. Kennedy has a strong voice and the vocal range to pull it off, and the good sense to not try and just do an Axl impression. (And no, he doesn't try to snake dance.) Even the finale "Paradise City" was Kennedy's song.

For guitar fans, it was a great night. In the second half of the show, some 20 minutes was practically devoted to the guitar, starting with "Watch This" from the solo album, and flowing into a straight-up blues jam before a change of tone with the theme from "The Godfather." Slash melted faces, and as always, made it look easy.

"I f***in' love Kansas City, man," Slash announced before blasting into "Nothing to Say." From the crowd response, it's safe to say that Kansas City loves them some Slash, too.

Set list:

  • Ghost
  • Mean Bone
  • Nightrain
  • Sucker Train Blues
  • Back From Cali
  • Do It For the Kids
  • Civil War
  • Rocket Queen
  • Fall to Pieces
  • Just Like Anything
  • Nothing to Say
  • Starlight
  • Watch This
  • Blues Jam
  • Theme from "The Godfather"
  • Sweet Child O' Mine
  • Rise Today (Alter Bridge)
  • Slither


  • By The Sword
  • Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)
  • Paradise City

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