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Review: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at B&B

Seven Brothers
The Seven Brothers

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers opened Saturday night at Beef and Boards in Indianapolis.

Based on the 1954 musical film of the same name, the plot follows the efforts of the seven Pontipee brothers, who live up in the mountains without any women in their lives, to find wives amongst the young women in the nearest town. Due to their circumstances, the brothers have no manners, tact, dating experience, or dancing experience (!). Oldest brother Adam decides that on his next trip into town he will find a wife to take home to care, clean, and cook for him and his brothers. After a solid 5 minutes of courtin', spunky Milly agrees to become Adam's wife. After meeting Adam's brothers, she decides to teach them manners and such so they may be able to court women of their own. Without giving too much of the plot away, the brothers find an unorthodox way of courtin', which leads to many shenanigan, songs, and dancing.

The producers at Beef and Boards did a fine job in casting the roles. The actors are all good singers and dancers. The brothers are the real stars of the show and they show off some fine harmonies as well as some impressively athletic dancing and comedic timing. The highlight number of the show is the sequence where the brothers compete with the local men over the women during a dance in town.

Musicals really require the audience to suspend reality and just enjoy the show, and it's no different here. As implausible as it is for six brothers to successfully meet six brides in a single night while dancing and singing at the same time, this show is pretty fun and another in a line of enjoyable Beef and Boards productions.

For more info: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers runs until Oct 4 and show times and tickets can be found at the Beef and Boards website or by calling the box office at 317.872.9664.