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Review: Science City for an educational adventure in Kansas City

Science City
Science City
Mandy Robinson

On a recent trip to Kansas City, Missouri my family and I checked out Science City. This big science museum is located at Union Station and is a great time for the entire family. We have been to a few other similar interactive museums in the past and this was our favorite.

Right as you walk into the museum there is a little area for music. The interactive squares on the floor light up and change colors as you step on them. Honestly my kids could have played on this forever, but we had to keep going and check out the rest of the museum.

They have so many different things to do here that you could easily spend three to four hours at Science City if you do everything. They have a kid's play area, a room full of small animals where you can even watch the feed the snakes at certain times, and a ton of activities. You can see how police do fingerprints, check out the inside of a helicopter, and even dig for dinosaur bones.

Two of our favorite things were the sky bike and the hotel full of illusions. The sky bike is made for the older kids and lets you ride a bike on a high wire. It looked like a lot of fun and my oldest daughter loved it. The hotel has several different illusions including a diamond that looks like you can grab it but can't and a table that makes it look like your head is on a platter.

You can check out everything that Science City has to offer on their website. Make sure you check them out while you are in Kansas City, Missouri.

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