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Review: Scialle Fine Shawls Luxury Scarves

Here's one of several stylish looks this scarf can help create!

I was thrilled when I received two luxury scarves to review from Scialle Fine Shawls, a New York-based fashion company that hand-selects and imports its products from Italy, India and around the world.

While the initial price of the scarves gave me a touch of sticker-shock, I quickly learned the value of spending a little more on these surprisingly versatile garments.

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Scialle Fine Shawls Scarves: My Review

Wool Challis Chevron- Paisley Panel Black & White Scarf

  • Price: $198.00
  • Manufacturer’s Description: Lightweight wool challis in a sophisticated black and white chevron and paisley panel print scarf. 100% wool, 32x71", self fringe on 2 sides, Made in India
  • Where to get it:
  • Review: The truth is that when I first received this scarf, I felt like it was a little rough. But the longer I have it, the softer it becomes. I actually love it now --it's SO versatile! I’ve used it as a wrap, a scarf and even as a skirt. And I recently started adding it to my winter coats and have used it both as a fashion statement and for warmth--and I was shocked that even though it's so fine and almost weightless, it actually offers a really effective wind shield on a blustery day.
  • Recommended: Yes

Large UNITO Red Scarf

  • Price: $185.00
  • Manufacturer’s Description: This solid splash of bright red color is a definite fashion statement. Featherweight modal blend, with four-sided self fringes and oversized, it pairs with jeans, a dress or a jacket .Stuff it in your bag and take it to the movies. Very chic! 55x79", 95 micromodal 5 cashmere, Made in Italy.
  • Where to get it:
  • Review: I liked this one much better on the initial evaluation. It was luxuriously soft the moment I pulled it out of the package, and it has remained so. The fine fabric actually really holds the bright, beautiful red color perfectly, and it works to add a bright pop of color to almost any outfit. The large, square scarf has fringed edges and is positively gorgeous. This scarf offers so many possibilities to change up your look—you can do anything from draping it attractively around your neck to using it as a wrap for a formal dress to actually using the scarf as a whole wrap-around dress.
  • Recommended: Yes

Bonus: Tips from Scialle on wearing a large scarf

Remember not to have a necklace on that could snag!

1. Hold scarf in front of you with the length going from right to left between your two hands.

2. Take one hand, and gather the center width of the scarf, creating a soft fold in your hand.

3. Place that gathered part at the back of your neck. The two length sides will now fall over your shoulders.

4. Leave one length side longer than the other, a few inches above one hip.

5. Take the longer length side, and drape it around your neck, all the way around, leaving a space in front to "frame your neck". You can now position the loose fringe ends and make your chic and generous, sophisticated large scarf.

6. Pull lightly on the scarf to adjust the best look for you.

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