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Review Round-Up: February-May 2014

"Robocop" (2014)
"Robocop" (2014)
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Yet again, it's time to catch Examiner readers up with the last few months of reviews over at my film review site, Film Babble Blog. Please check out these links to movie whatnot, including coverage of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, from the middle of February to the current month of May:

Robot Re-Imagining Cops Out (2/17/14)

Short Film Showcase: Adam Pyburn's “Thread” (2/20/14)

The Laughably Bad Victorian-Era Romantic Thriller IN SECRET (2/24/14)

Hey Kids! Funtime 2014 Oscar Picks! (2/27/14)

Liam Neeson Airplane Thriller NON-STOP Never Starts To Get Very Suspenseful (3/28/14)

Oscars 2014 Recap: Complete With Tweets! (3/3/14)

GLORIA Gets Her Groove Back...Sort Of (3/9/14)

NEED FOR SPEED: A Collosal Piece Of Car Crash Crap (3/15/14)

The MUPPETS Follow-up: Funny But Felt Too Long (3/20/14)

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL: The Film Babble Blog Review (3/21/14)

Jason Bateman’s Directorial Debut BAD WORDS Mildly Amuses (3/28/14)

VERONICA MARS: A Fan-Funded Big Screen Reunion Special (3/28/14)

Criterion To Release Jerry Lewis’ Long Lost Film THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED (4/1/14)

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2014: Day One (4/4/14)

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2014: Day Two (4/5/14)

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2014: Days Three & Four (4/7/14)

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER: The Film Babble Blog Review (4/7/14)

The Pummeling Thrill Ride That Is THE RAID 2: BERANDAL (4/11/14)

LE WEEK-END: An Aging Marriage On The Rocks On Holiday In Paris (4/14/14)

THE LUNCHBOX Is Made With Sensitivity And Care (4/18/14)

Filmmaker Biodoc MILIUS Now Streaming On Netflix Instant (4/25/14)

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Here We Go Again...Again (5/2/14)

NEIGHBORS: A High Concept Comedy That Never Becomes Overwhelmed By Its Concept (By guest reviewer William Fonvielle of Filmvielle) (4/9/14)

FADING GIGOLO: The Film Babble Blog Review (5/9/14)

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