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Review/Recap: "Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire"

"Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire"
"Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire"

Title: Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire

Genres: Comedy, Science fiction, mecha, fan service

Simulcasts: Saturdays on FUNImation

What's It About? The Penguin Empire has been attacking Earth, and the only thing that can defeat them are giant robots called Daimidalers, operated by agents of PRINCE. Problem is, they run on Hi-ERO particles, so can only be operated by those who carry these particles. Their first candidate is Kouichi, a normal high school student who can recharge his Hi-ERO particles to insanely high amounts. But only if he's being perverted to a girl.

Initial Impressions: Shows like this are the reason anime gets the reputation it does. It's played for laughs, but if you're someone who came upon this show and was watching this episode and didn't know that it would set off your "weird Japan" meter. The idea of a high school student who only gets his special power from being perverted is not a new thing (more recent example: "So I Can't Play H!"), but add on to it the henchmen in skintight animal suits with "front tails," the handler who uses BBQ to bribe her coworkers to work with her, and the power being called Hi-ERO particles (think they'll figure it out by the end of the show's run?) and you have a recipe for a comedy that can either be really funny along the lines of "Highschool DxD," or fall flat on its face. We will see how the next episode plays out.