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Sade:Soldier Of Love

The band Sade, began their career 26 years ago with the classic album "Diamond Life," which was a multi-platinum success in various countries including the United States.The lead singer Sade Adu,for which the band is named after, has delivered smooth souful vocals since the very first album. Since then,the band has given the world the classic hits 'Your Love Is King," "Smooth Operator,""Kiss Of Life,""The Sweetest Taboo," "Cherish the Day" and many more.After Lovers Rock in 2000, it seemed that the band retired from music. Finally, after ten years, Sade Adu and the rest of the band have returned to the music scene with their sixth CD Soldier of Love.

The album begins with the smooth song "The Moon and the Sky," which is an ode to love in it's truest form, the one that never gives up.The song proves that Sade has not lost her step.Her voice sounds as pure and unaltered as when we first heard her.She sings "you always know the reason why /we couldn't have the moon and stars/you always know the reason why/this love/aint gonna let you go." This song is reminiscent of her classic "Never as Good as the First Time."The rhythm is fantastic.

The band then takes flight with the title track and their newest hit "Soldier of Love." The song is a story of someone who has been hurt and heartbroken but still comes back for more love.The song's lyrics are excellent, the rhythm is out of this world,The concept is fantastic.She sings "I'm a soldier of love/all the days of my life/everyday and night."This song lyrics are truly inspiring.

Another standout song is "Babyfather," a song that gives respect to the good men that take care of their children.In the song, Sade tells the story of boy meets girl,they fall in love and have a child.She tells the child that their daddy loves them so much that they will fight for them. "Your daddy loves you/for you/he has the troops and extra backup standing by." That is real love.The song is melodic, with smooth chords and flowing rhythms.The vocals sound as smooth as silk.A plus on this song.

In the song "In Another Time," Sade gives comfort to a friend who is going through a tough time with a heartbreak.She tells them "They don't know what to do with something so good."The song is pure and beautiful.They use  the beautiful sounds of the cello, the saxophone and the bass to bring out the wonderfulness of the songs message.

"Skin" is the song on which they pay tribute to the late Michael Jackson with the lyrics,"Just like Michael/ back in the day/gonna peel you away." The song is a true head bobber.They use synthesizers to make their sound modern.The song is also about heartbreak and learning to let go.The lyrics are phenominal and nothing less than the best. 

Solider of Love  is a excellent recording.This CD is worth the decade long wait.
There is not one bad song on this album.This recording will make the listener proclaim 'The queen of smooth soul has returned and she is better than ever." 5 Stars


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