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Review: Price drop makes Twister Mania for Xbox 360 Kinect a steal

Twister is one of Hasbro's most popular party games, and Twister Mania for Xbox 360 Kinect puts a distinctly new spin on the classic.

Twister Mania screenshots
Twister Mania screenshots
Majesco Entertainment
Twister Mania box art
Majesco Entertainment

Instead of aligning your hands and feet on colored circles like the original game, in Twister Mania players must avoid, break, or fit into silly shapes that will have you and your friends bursting out into laughter. There are four main mini-games in Twister Mania, with three different game modes to choose from.

In “Shape Frenzy” players mimic different shapes that appeared on the screen such as a penguin or heart. Aligning your body within the shapes a certain way activates a score bonus. “Twist and Fit” had me squeezing my body through narrow gaps in walls. In this mini-game you have to be careful not to touch the walls, lest you lower your score. In “Break it Down” I had to destroy walls by maneuvering my body into shapes that make the wall collapse. Lastly, “Spot On” challenges players to create shapes with their bodies and force other players to repeat the same pose.

You can choose to “Quick Play” any one of the games, “Play It All” from start to finish, or compete in teams of two in “Party Play”.

Although Twister Mania can be played by oneself, it is in “Party Play” that this title truly shines. While the game supports multiplayer for up to eight people, only two players can be recognized at a time. That's OK though, because it'll give your guests ample time to mingle while waiting for their turn. The game's multiplayer mode works in its favor: Twister Mania is best played in short intervals of half an hour or less.

After every mini game you'll see pictures taken of you during play. Unlike the images from Kinect Adventures, the snapshots taken of players in Twister Mania are superimposed onto the game's world – making them a much more delightful share with friends than the pictures taken that show your living room in Kinect Adventures.

My only complaint with Twister Mania is its steep price point of $49.99 – the same as Dance Central 2. However don't let the MSRP shy you away from this title. Many retailers have lowered the price of the game in their stores down to $39.99. In fact, this week though December 17th, has Twister Mania on sale for just $29.99 – making the game a complete bargain for yourself or a loved one this holiday season.

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Please note this review of Twister Mania was based off a free copy of the game provided by Majesco Entertainment.

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