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Review: Pretty Fire at IRT


Milicent Wright stars as Charlayne in The Indiana Repertory Theatre's production of Pretty Fire, and delivers nicely. Set in the 1950s and 60s in Albany, NY, and in Georgia, Charlayne shows us the story of her birth, her school days, and her visits to her grandparent' home in the South in an humorous and moving manner that keeps her audience involved. 

Born two months early and weighing only a pound, Charlayne has a tough first year of life, but is surrounded by a family that protects her and helps her grow. In this one-woman show, Milicent Wright believably and richly portrays Charlayne, her mom, her dad, her sister, and grandparents, as well as the random characters who come into contact with her throughout her early life. 

Pretty Fire at IRT, pic courtesy of IRT

While many of the moments are funny and inspiring, there are also moments of deep sadness and anger, especially when her family experiences a burning cross and is confronted by neighborhood toughs. With a sparse set consisting of two simple chairs and a stand with a record player, Wright is able to change costumes and alter the sets right in front of our eyes, all without missing a beat.

Pretty Fire is the first of three production the IRT is putting on in its Going Solo series. The Year of Magical Thinking opens Feb 18 and After Paul McCartney opens Feb 26.

Pretty Fire at IRT, pic courtesy of IRT