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Review: Plants vs. Zombies PS3

Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies



ad•dic•tions - Plural

NOUN Devotion: great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted

One developer has perfected the formula for causing gaming addiction and they are known as PopCop. Chances are high you have once fallen victim to their additive title Peggle on some platform and, well, PopCop is back again and they looking to takeover your PS3 with Plants vs. Zombies.

The premise of the game is simple: Zombies are looking to invade your house and devour your delicious human brain. Little do these brain-dead cannibals know that your yard holds the knack for sprouting strange plant life that can be used to combat the brain hungry masses that look to raid your cozy home and send the living dead back to just being dead. It's this kind of great humor and unique personality that gives Plants vs. Zombies so much to love.

Plants vs. Zombies is your run-of-the-mill tower defense title, but its style and execution really helps set it apart from other titles categorized in the same genre. Much of the game is stationed around micromanaging your resources and strategically placing your plants on the grid, but with a large seed pouch of plants and a robust amount of zombie types, the game has a lot of unique personality that will charm over any gamer.

There are 48 different types of plants to be earned over the course of the game. Upon completing each level, you will be rewarded with a new plant or item to be used to fend off the wave of incoming zombies. Each plant has their use when it comes to the grand scheme of things. Some you will use primarily for offensive measures like the peashooter, others for increase production rates like the sunflower (produces extra sunlight – your primary resource to grow plants), and, lastly, for defense like the Wall-nut.

With such a collection of plant options given, you have all the tools necessary to concoct a working strategic method of stopping the zombie attacks. There are also 26 different kinds of zombies to handle and, just as your plants; they have their own unique moves, strengths, and weaknesses. Types of zombies include a traditional weak, dumb zombie, a football zombie with high defense, and even a disco zombie that dances his way towards your house and calls up some dancing pals. Learning their weakness isn’t too challenging, but it will play a vital role when selecting the lineup of plants you’ll have access to. Each of the zombie types are humorous and will bring a laugh to everyone with their comical demeanor and whimsical character design.

With an ever changing game style, Plants vs. Zombies never gets boring. Levels will transition from day-to-night, which will change the plants you can use and the amount of sunlight produced, and other factors will come into play like graves popping up in the yard. Having such changes occur will keep you from getting too comfortable and force you to strategize based on the changing environment. Another alteration that occurs is a modification in gameplay mechanics. Instead of playing out like a traditional tower defense title, you may be required to bowl zombies down or play a game of Whack-a-Mole. These mini-games are nice breaks from the main game and are full of great humor and fun moments.

This PS3 version isn’t without some changes. Aside from trophy support, PopCap has also added some multiplayer modes. Limited to local multiplayer only, some may be disappointed with the lack of full online support, but the game’s multiplayer additions are really better suited for local play. ‘Versus’ mode has one player control the zombies; meanwhile the other manages the plants. It’s a nice new addition to the series and can lead to some intense multiplayer sessions against a worthy competitor. There are a couple more modes like ‘Survival’ that requires you to unlock it by progressing through the main adventure. Controlling the game with the PS3 pad works perfectly and is incredibly accessible.

Plants vs. Zombiesis a must-have PSN title. A game offering this much enjoyment is hard to come by, but the folks at PopCap certainly know how to deliver gaming gems. Plants vs. Zombies will consume all your free time, make you skip on social engagements, and it will all be worthwhile. This is the type of product that’s worth getting addicted to.

Overall: 9.0/10

(Editor’s Note: A download code of the game was provided by PopCap for review purposes.)


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