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Review: Plants vs. Zombies


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There’s a zombie on your lawn, and how are you going to protect your family?   Plant a garden, of course!  The latest game from PopCap promises hours of fun and delivers at every turn.  Five game modes ranging from Adventure to Survival and, my favorite, the Zen Garden keep the game fresh and entertaining as you ward off many different types of undead as they shamble, pole vault, and bobsled their way towards your home.

Each game mode has its own charm.  Adventure and Survival modes allow you to play against a constantly building zombie threat.  The zombies get harder as you work your way through the levels, but the seed company will keep you stocked with an arsenal of vegetation to keep them at bay.  There are direct-damage Peashooters, powerful Wall-Nut shields, and all sorts of hilarious crowd control.  These modes pay close homage to Desktop Tower Defense and each level is a blast as you figure out how to outsmart the mindless hordes.

Mini Games and Puzzle mode allow you to take a whole new view of the game.  From Bejeweled and Insaniquarium remixes (with zombies, of course!) to outsmarting the gardener as a zombie master, the replay value alone makes this a great buy.  The key to each of the mini-games is to learn the new playstyles, and every trick you’ve learned in the other modes will come into play.

The Zen Garden and Almanac are the cream of the crop for me though.  I am very much a fan of both story-driven and open-ended play, and these features deliver in spades. The Zen Garden is just that, you collect “sprouts” by playing the other modes which unlock plants you can add to your garden.  You water, feed, and even play music for them to grow your collection and gain coins.  No stress, no zombies, just you and your plants.  The Almanac is a hilarious guide to each plant and zombie that you encounter. It not only gives information, but also a good laugh with each entry.

PopCap Games is known for casual entries that anyone can enjoy, and this is another notch in their belt of great titles.  The game is available at as well as RealArcade, MSN Games, STEAM and Yahoo! Games.


  • thorn 5 years ago

    this is really a fun game if you like zombie's you will love this game the lost boss is called dr.zomboss