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Review on Opedix clothing

Review on Opedix clothing

One of the most common injury areas for a runner is the knee joint. All that pavement pounding and high impact activity can do a number on your body. But could wearing a specific type of legging help you reduce your chance of injury, and recover from one quicker?

We tested a line of apparel that claims to do just that. Opedix’s popular KNEE-Tec Tights and CORE-Tech Shorts are scientifically designed and tested to reduce fatigue, equalize joint loading and increase dynamic stability. They’re both a splurge at $165 to $225, but for those who run daily, they could be well worth it.

A comfortable, form-fitting base layer and advanced technology tensioning systems both work to kinetically activate your body and promote dynamic alignment. Featuring a 19-panel construction and a supple base fabric to better hold their shape, the first thing you’ll notice about these tights and shorts is the instant slimming factor – your legs are going to look thinner and firmer right away. But we all know it’s not just about aesthetics. How do these things actually work? The answer is by optimizing joint function and improving mobility and stability. After wearing them, you’ll feel better than if you had worked out in the average pair of leggings or shorts – and your muscle recovery time will be much faster.

In addition to their compression powers, Opedix apparel features advanced micro fabrics that are anti odor, moisture wicking, and breathable so you always feel comfortable, fresh and dry.

Even if you don’t run in your Opedix gear every day, simply putting them on after a tough workout can help your muscles. And if you have an injury, wearing them will give your body the added support you need to get better faster.