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Review of the Vincent Perez and Polly Walker film 'Talk of Angels'

'Talk of Angels' movie poster

Nick Hamm directed "Talk of Angels," a film that was released in 1998. Polly Walker starred as the main character Mary, a young Irish woman who moves to Spain to be come a governess to a rich family. Well she comes at a bad time, Spain is on the break of Civil War.

Mary meets other Irish women who moved to Spain, Frances McDormand played one of those woman, she's somewhat of a contrast to Mary's character.

Anyway the other cast members were, Penelope Cruz (she played the oldest daughter,) Marisa Paredes (the mother), Franco Nero (the father), and Vincent Perez, the oldest son. The one that Mary falls in love with, but she knows that they can't be together.

Their relationship is just one story in the movie, there is the story of the Civil War, and the war between the rich family. One part believes in the fascists and the while side doesn't. Then you have the story between the expat women.

Polly Walker's performance was top-notch and Vincent Perez was great. Perez is always a good choice for a leading man. The international star known for "Queen Margot," and billion of other movies is one of Europe's greatest modern stars. The other cast were good too, don't want to forget about them. Franco Nero, his role was the father who yarns for the past and for the old Spain, could careless about his fortune. His wife is opposite, she doesn't want to lose her money, but he knows that wealth will not prevent them from the horrors of the Civil War.

The story was enthralling and the ending was smart. It may not make the viewer too pleased. There are some tear-jerking moments. Visually it's a stunning movie, the house that the Areavaga's live in is a paradise dream. This movie doesn't feel soapy, but intelligent. It's a great story really and like I said before, Polly Walker was a treat to watch.

Just shy of 100 minutes, "Talk of Angels," is a story of love, hope, survival, and the past. A story that seemed classic and timeless. The scenes between Perez and Walker were passionate without involving sex or nudity for that matter.

So if you're looking for a dazzling tale of a young woman, who moves to a foreign land on the verge of war, this one takes it. You'll feel for Mary, she's alone and there are scenes that show us that she is different than them. She is an outsider and knows that, and that's one reason why she knows that her and Francesco can never be together. It seems a little heartbreaking.

It's one of those movies that is insightful, will make you cry, laugh, and like for me, find the book that it was based on and read it. It's a four star picture.

This movie is currently on Netflix, so check it out!

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