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Review of the Polish spy thriller, 'The Aquarium'

The Overview:

Title: "The Aquarium"

Year: 1996

Country: Poland

Actors: Yuri Smolsky, Henryk Bista, and Janusz Gayos.

Director: Antoni Krause

Running Time : 140 mins

Plot: Based on the true story about the GRU spy, Victor Suvorov. It's based on his book Inside of the Aquarium. While he's an agent he betrays a friend, he travels around Western Europe, and learns that to stay alive he has to get away from the Soviet Union.


The director used realism than special effects to captivate the audience, that's what made the movie more intriguing. Now this isn't like watching your average spy thrillers like for example James Bond or Jason Bourne. The plot is thick and it's not an action film. If liked Breach, then you'll probably enjoy this film, the pacing is exactly like this movie. The film relies on psychological themes than explosives.. It's a taunt thriller and made very interesting learning more about the GRU. It was said that the GRU was more convent than the KGB.

The acting made the film very realistic and it was a stellar cast. "The Aquarium" is a very moody movie. Found it to be not like a film as much as it was a camera that was spying on (no pun intended) spies. That real people are being taped, and we the audience are watching. The tension is tight!

The atmosphere in the film made you feel like you were in the Soviet Union and you felt the feelings that Suvorov felt. Really in my opinion this is one of the better Soviet Spy films out there. If you're interested into spies, the Cold War, and well history you're in luck.

It's a film that's not full of action but still it's there, it relies on plot and intrigue. Some may find that boring but like I said I'm an action film fan and I never felt bored. The main reason because you want to see what happens next. I don't think it was too overly violent or much sexual content though it's gritty. Also it's in Polish and there are English subtitles.

So if you like strong plot lines, good acting, spy history, and about the Soviet Union history then it's a film for you.

Enjoy this movie and watch the video to see the top 10 spy movies!

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